Chateaubriand Fellowships : Call for Applications 2016-2017

The Chateaubriand Fellowship in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM), offered by the Embassy of France in the United States, Office for Science and Technology, aims to initiate or reinforce collaborations, partnerships or joint projects by encouraging exchange at the (...)

French American Doctoral Exchange Program (FADEx) 2016 : Nanoparticles for Medicine

For the 2016 edition of the FADEx Program, the Office for Science and Technology of the Embassy of France in the United States is organizing a seminar on Nanoparticles for Medicine for French and US Ph.D. students. The objective of the seminar is to enhance scientific exchanges between young (...)

"Life Sciences: inventing – creating – having fun" 2015 Laureates

The grant "Life Sciences: inventing – creating – having fun" has been offered by the Office for Science and Technology of the Consulate general of France in Los Angeles since 2012 to French teams who participate in American competitions in life sciences. Following the call for projects launched (...)



Calls for Proposals

  • France-Chicago: 2016 Call for Proposals

    The France And Chicago Collaborating in The Sciences (FACCTS) program is designed to enhance science at the University of Chicago by encouraging closer relations between researchers in Physics (...)
  • France-Berkeley Fund - 2016 Call for Projects

    The France Berkeley Fund was established in 1993 as a partnership between the government of France and the University of California at Berkeley, the France-Berkeley Fund (FBF) promotes scholarly (...)
  • France-Stanford : 2016-2017 call for proposals

    The France-Stanford Center for Interdisciplinary Studies, founded in partnership with the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, aims to bridge the disciplines of the Humanities, Social Sciences, (...)
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