Science breakfasts

Together with the Science Diplomats Club, the Office of Science and Technology organizes monthly Science Breakfasts, where a prominent member of the American science and technology community, speaks to an audience of counselors from embassies in Washington.

Since January 2007, these breakfasts have provided the 30-40 guests from 15-20 countries, with the opportunity to strengthen ties with American leaders in science and technology in a positive atmosphere. Visits from notable guests such as the Undersecretaries for Science in the Departments of Homeland Security and Energy as well as directors from NOAA, DARPA and the American Chemical Society have often led to further cooperation amongst their organizations.

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    October 2008 - VADM Conrad Lautenbacher

    published on October 10, 2008

    VADM Conrad Lautenbacher was Undersecretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere.

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    September 2008 - Raymond Orbach

    published on September 16, 2008

    Dr. Orbach discussed the challenges and opportunities present for energy research in the domains of solar energy, electrical energy storage, bioenergy, nuclear energy, hydrogen economy, and fusion. He also spoke about the DOE Office of Science’s Energy Frontier Research Centers and cooperative international projects (e.g. ITER in France).

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    June 2008 - Sharon Hrynkow

    published on July 1, 2008

    The state of neuroscience globally: the impact of neurological and psychiatric disorders, the global span of scientific pursuit, and global challenges; international neuroscience organizations; and the growth of the Society for Neuroscience’s international chapters.

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    June 2008 - Richard Meserve

    published on June 20, 2008

    Scientific activities of the Carnegie Institution and prospects for nuclear power in the United States : reasons for the recent increased interest in nuclear power and barriers that must be overcome for significant expansion to occur.

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    May 2008 - Madeline Jacobs

    published on June 19, 2008

    The origins, purposes and activities of the ACS ; the 2008 ACS Strategic Plan ; and the society’s international engagements, including past ACS activities with the S&T diplomacy community. Possibilities for S&T Attaché/ACS Cooperation, including : the ACS Green Chemistry Institute ; the globalization-themed 238th ACS National Meeting & Exposition in 2009 ; opportunities in the US for international students in chemistry, engineering, and related sciences ; and study abroad/service learning opportunities for US chemistry students.

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    April 2008 - Reno Harnish

    published on April 18, 2008

    Role of OES in science cooperation (C-175 process, leadership in negotiations and grants making).

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    March 2008 - Michael Bowman

    published on March 12, 2008

    Role of research parks within a national innovation system, the economic impact of parks and future trends including open innovation, emerging new technologies and evolving new research park models.

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    Feb 2008 - Dr. Ardent Bement

    published on February 13, 2008

    NSF’s priorities based on FY08 appropriations and the FY09 request

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    Jan 2008 - Dr. Mihail Roco

    published on January 10, 2008

    Governance of and strategic directions for nanotechnology research, and nanotechnology risk governance

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    Dec 2007 - Murray Lumpkin

    published on December 11, 2007

    Internationalization of the US FDA

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