French-American Innovation Day, FAID

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The French-American Innovation Day (FAID) is an annual Franco-American event which brings together scientists, industrialists and investors. It is a free, high-level scientific event in Boston area where researchers and companies have the opportunity to exchange views on a specific technological issue, start-up co-operative activities and develop in business in a transatlantic perspective.

Organized for 10 years by the Office of Science and Technology (OS&T) of the Embassy of France in the U.S.A. (Boston section), the FAID seminar is in relation with innovation and gathers the most prominent experts from France and the U.S.A. The goals of the FAID are:

- To spread the excellence of U.S. and French institutions or companies working on a innovative topic
- To foster connections between scientists and industrials from both countries.

This seminar takes place in most case at the beginning of December and hosts between 100 and 150 researchers, industrialists, journalists and local institutions (Economic Development Agency of the Mass., etc.).

Prominent scientists from France and the U.S have participated in previous editions led by the following scientific directors: Among us, we can mention: V. Deubel, S. Lindquist and Klempner (2004), A. Fisher, R. Jaenish, G. Daley (2005), Dr. Peter Libby and Dr. Eugene Braunwald (2007), Prof. Calvo (DGA from INCA, France) and Mauro Ferrari (University of Texas) for 2009 edition and Prof. Eva Pebay-Peyroula (President of French National Research Agency) in 2011.

Overview of the previous editions:

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2013 FAID

: «Innovation in Life Sciences as a driver for Growth: a French-American challenge», took place on December 5-6, 2013 at the Joseph B Martin Conference center, Harvard Medical School, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in partnership with l’Inserm et Inserm Transfert.

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2012 FAID

: « Membrane Technologies as Tools for Sustainability in Water Management, A Transatlantic Perspective», took place on 29/11/2012 and 30/11/2012 at MIT-Bartos Theater, Cambridge, Massachusetts, in partnership with Veolia Water Solutions and Technologies (VWS).

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2011 FAID

: « Science and Innovation: The challenges of translational Breakthroughs », took place on 12/06/2011 at Harvard at Joseph B. Martin Conference Center of Harvard Medical School in partnership with GIANT Innovation Campus.

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2010 FAID

“Alzheimer’s disease: The Pursuit of Personalized Medicine” held on 06/12/2010 at the Broad Institute, with the participation of 3 sponsors: Pfizer, Envivo Pharmaceuticals and Guerbet.

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2009 FAID

: « Theranostics and Biology: Know-How Challenges Applications & Breakthroughs », took place on 12/03-04/2009 at Joseph B. Martin Conference Center of Harvard Medical School. This FAID was co-organized with Mérieux Alliance.

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2008 FAID

: « From Modeling to engineering Biological Processes », was on 12/03/2008 at Joseph B. Martin Conference Center of Harvard Medical School, co-organized with INRIA and Dana farber Cancer Institute.

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2007 FAID

: “Cardiovascular Biomarkers 2007 and beyond: from Benchtop to Bedside”, took place on 10/1-2/2007 at Joseph B. Martin Conference Center of Harvard Medical School, in partnership with Inserm.

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2006 FAID

: « Cancer: from imaging to tailored treatments », was organized October 16-17, 2006 at the Harvard Medical School, in partnership with the Curie Institute.

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2005 FAID

: « Gene Therapy», was organized on October 17, 2005 at the Harvard Medical School, in partnership with Genopole.