FR-US NanoTechs Newsletter

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The Office for Science and Technology of the Consulate General of France in Houston publishes a newsletter every two months in English. Find out what happened recently in Nanotechs in the US as well as in France!


  • Fr-US Nanotechs Newsletter #2 - November 2014

    Welcome to the November issue of this Fr-US Nanotechs Newsletter! Retour ligne manuel
    The highlights of this edition are the benefits of nanotechnology in medicine in the United States: Penn State College of Medicine studied a new way to deliver drug in cancer cells, the Houston Methodist Research Institute will receive $1,92 million to develop an implantable device that delivers therapeutic drugs remotely and Google unveiled his project to work on a cancer and heart attack detector. In France, scientists focused on developing new nanoparticles’ properties: the Institut Marie Curie achieved in creating particles that are fluorescent and magnetic and the CEMES studied plasmonic properties of gold nanoparticles chains. Retour ligne manuel
    Enjoy your reading!

  • Fr-US Nanotechs Newsletter #1 - September 2014

    La rentrée universitaire s’accompagne généralement de nouveaux projets et c’est pour cette raison que le Service pour la Science et la Technologie à Houston a choisi ce moment pour vous annoncer avec grand plaisir le lancement de sa lettre d’information. Cette lettre, qui paraîtra tous les deux mois, est dédiée aux avancées scientifiques et technologiques dans le domaine des nanotechnologies en France et aux Etats-Unis.