French Higher Education System

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One of the features of the French higher education system is that it includes a very wide range of institutions, each with its own objectives, structures and admission requirements. For the 2001 academic year, there were 2,160,000 students enrolled in higher education.

Foreign students are admitted at all academic levels, provided that their existing qualifications are recognized by the establishment concerned. French universities have developed reciprocal arrangements with similar institutions in many countries to facilitate international student exchanges. Other educational institutions, including some of France’s prestigious grandes écoles, also offer international degree courses.

  • universities

    About 90 state universities have been established in France since the beginning of the 19th century. The education they provide is largely funded by the state (in 2001, state spending amounted to EUR 6,590 per student). Many foreign students come to study in French universities: 180 418 (…)

  • Grandes Ecoles

    Grandes écoles are uniquely French institutions that offer specialized education of a very high standard. And this high standard is reflected in the strict admission requirements.
    Strictly speaking, the term grande école should only really apply to the oldest and most prestigious of these (…)