Innovation Law

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In July 1999 the French government promulgated a new law called “Innovation Law”.

This law enables under and post-graduate education facilities and state funded research centers to foster the creation of start-up companies in order to enhance the results of public research. In particular, it means researchers are free to be involved in start-up creation.

The law on innovation and research of 12 July 1999* promotes the transfer of public sector funded research to industry and the creation of innovative companies. France has considerable resources in terms of science and technology but combining these research discoveries with industrial applications is achieved less easily than in other industrialized
countries. The shortfall in this collaboration can be seen both in terms of the structures, in the difficulty of setting up effective partnerships between research establishments and companies, and in human terms, in the low level of contacts between research workers and the economic world.
Thus, while experience shows that the economic utilization of the results of research is an important factor underpinning the dynamism of the economy, the number of companies created every year using the results of public sector funded research remains too low. It is, however,
precisely these companies, moreover, that have the strongest growth potential.
The purpose of the law on innovation and research is to reverse this trend and provide a legal context that fosters the creation of innovative technology companies, notably by young people, whether they be researchers, students or employees.

1. The mobility of researchers towards industry.
2. Co-operation between public sector research
establishments and companies.
3. The fiscal framework for innovative companies.
4. The legal framework for innovative companies.

  • Summary on the measures and assessment on 31 December 2002

    Innovation Law
    The French Law for innovation and research of July 1999 set up a favourable framework for the participation of researchers in the creation or development of innovative technology companies. It enables them to participate as associates or managers in a new company, in the (…)