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The Office for Science and Technology at the Consulate of France in Los Angeles publishes a monthly newsletter in English, which contains news about local scientific community but also news from french scientific community. You will also find a directory of french scientist in the region and an agenda of scientific conferences in Southern California, Arizona and Colorado.

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  • Los Angeles S&T Newsletter #40 - July 2013

    On July 14th, 2013, France will celebrate Bastille Day, also known as “le 14 juillet”. The Office for Science and Technology of the Consulate General of France in Los Angeles is partnering with the University of California, San Diego to organize two scientific events this month.

  • Los Angeles S&T Newsletter #39 - June 2013

    Last month, following the announcement released in January 2013, the Office for Science and Technology awarded multiple “LIFE SCIENCES: inventing – creating – having fun” scholarships to teams of young researchers so they can participate in international scientific competitions. These scholarships (…)

  • Los Angeles S&T Newsletter #38 - May 2013

    Recently, Annick Coudart, a research professor at Arizona State University, was awarded a lifetime service medal by France’s National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) in honor of her extensive work for the organization. Coudart has worked with the CNRS since 1978 and has been the Director of Research for the organization since 1992.

  • Los Angeles S&T Newsletter #37 - April 2013

    Last month, Jean-Lou Chameau, the California Institute of Technology’s president, announced his resignation from the position. Chameau has served as the university’s 8th president since September of 2006 and intends to leave in June of this year. During his presidency, Chameau has worked to strengthen Franco-American relations.

  • Los Angeles S&T Newsletter #36 - March 2013

    Every week, the Office for Science and Technology of the French Embassy, in collaboration with l’Agence pour la Diffusion de l’Information Technologique (ADIT), publishes articles in the Bulletins Electroniques. These articles provide information about the latest in scientific research and technological advances in the United States.

  • Los Angeles S&T Newsletter #35 - February 2013

    A major goal of the Office of Science and Technology is to facilitate partnerships between France and the United States. This past week Tim Deming (UCLA) and Sébastien Lecommandoux (Université de Bordeaux) hosted a workshop between the University of California Los Angeles and Université de Bordeaux in collaboration with the Office of Science and Technology.

  • Los Angeles S&T Newsletter #34 - January 2013

    A new year always comes with resolutions to travel abroad or to broaden our horizons to new experiences. In this spirit, we would like to take this opportunity to continue to encourage scientific cooperation between France and the United States through the Chateaubriand Scholarship for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)

  • Los Angeles S&T Newsletter #33 - December 2012

    By now, the world is relatively well aware of the devastating retrovirus HIV, the causing agent of AIDS, but its discovery and recognition still lie in the relatively recent past. In fact, May 2013 will mark the 30 year anniversary since the first official publication in Science on the “human immunodeficiency virus.”

  • Los Angeles S&T Newsletter #32 - November 2012

    Are you interested in science or medicine ? Do you want to improve your French or be in an environment to interact with other French-speakers ? Then come to the first ever Ciné-Sciences on November 28 ! This free event is being hosted by the Consulate General of France, the Lycée Français de Los Angeles and the Théâtre Raymond Kabbaz.

  • Los Angeles OST Newsletter #31 - October 2012

    We’ve heard that “two heads are better than one” and the scientific world is no stranger to this saying, considering collaborations across countries have led to many great discoveries. Consequently, in July 2011, the ANR and the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine signed a Memorandum of (…)