Open Calls for Proposals

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This section contains current calls for proposals, career opportunities, and information on French higher education programs (new degrees). You can also find more career opportunities on the European Euraxess Jobs platform, in our Mobility section, and browse European Funding Opportunities.
You can also download our USA-France Exchange Programs booklet for a list of recurring calls for proposals.


    The Mediterranean Institute of Neurobiology (INMED), an internationally renowned Neuroscience Research Center with a long tradition of outstanding research, is seeking to recruit new independent group leaders in all fields of neuroscience. The institute currently hosts 9 research teams (150 (...)
  • Fondation Alzheimer: Call for Applications

    For the second consecutive year, the Fondation Alzheimer and the Fondation de France are partnering to allow young scientific or medical researchers who have already participated in mobility to continue their research works on the Alzheimer disease in a French laboratory with the aim of (...)
  • Position : Maître de conférences

    The Department of Bioengineering offers courses for engineering students at the bachelor's, master's and PhD levels. It hosts the Biomechanics and Bioengineering (UMR CNRS 7338) and Enzyme and Cell Engineering (UMR CNRS 7025) research laboratories. There are modules (part of the UTC Common (...)
  • Post Doc Fellow - Stem Cells Gene Therapy/Gene editing for inherited disorders

    Available immediately for highly motivated Ph.Ds, the position focuses on the use of hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) and gene therapy for the treatment of inherited approaches for multi-systemic degenerative disorders, and in particular neuromuscular diseases. Gene therapy technologies employed (...)
  • Call for Proposal : Institut Curie PhD Fellowship.

    EuReCa (Europe Research & Care) is Institut Curie’s international PhD Program which provides PhD students with an excellent interdisciplinary, inter-sectorial, and international training and 3-year fellowship. It includes a personalized career development plan, coaching, mentoring and the (...)
  • Chateaubriand Fellowship: Call for Applications 2020-2021

    The Chateaubriand Fellowship in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM), offered by the Embassy of France in the United States, Office for Science and Technology, aims to initiate or reinforce collaborations, partnerships or joint projects by encouraging exchange at the (...)

    A post-doctoral position is available in the laboratory of Fabrice Lavial at the Cancer research center of Lyon (CRCL). The main lab interests are centered on the control of stem cell pluripotency both in vitro and in vivo. The post-doc to be recruited will join a project addressing the (...)
  • Call for Proposals 2020 Environment Health

    The exposure of environmental agents (physical or chemical agents, infectious, dietary contaminants as well as stress and way of life) to humans can have an impact on overall health. These agents, according to the length but also the window of exposure in particular during the perinatal period (...)
  • Call for Proposals 2020 Neurodegenerative Diseases

    Neurodegenerative diseases represent some of the most important medical challenges in the world today. It is essential to shed light on the fundamental mechanisms involved in the etiology of this complex diseases. After a first call for proposals in 2019 focused on Alzheimer's, the Foundation (...)