Partnerships in S&T

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OS&T promotes French-US partnerships in Science and Techonology, by:
- organizing joint seminars on common interest topics; see: FABS, FAID, YESS, and many more…
- organizing visits for French Science personalities in the US, or US personalities in France
- fostering Partnerships through funds co-sponsored by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs; see: PUF, endowments.
- participating to Bilateral Agreements, and follow-up through Joint Committee Meetings (JCM); see below.

  • France-USA Bilateral Agreements

    Two agreements in Science and Technology were signed in 2008: one for general S&T cooperation, and one related to homeland security issues.

  • NSF PIRE program

    The NSF Partnerships for International Research and Education (PIRE) program seeks to catalyze a higher level of international engagement in the U.S. science and engineering community by supporting innovative, international research and education collaborations. The program will enable U.S. scientists and engineers to establish collaborative relationships with international colleagues in order to advance new knowledge and discoveries at the frontiers of science and engineering and to promote the development of a diverse, globally-engaged U.S. scientific and engineering workforce.

  • CNRS UMI and Umifre in America

    A CNRS UMI is a full-fledged laboratory, as found in universities and research organizations. It is based in a single location, in France or abroad, and brings together researchers, students, postdocs, and support staff from CNRS and the partner institution(s). The Director of the UMI is jointly named by CNRS and the foreign partner institution(s).