Research Institutes

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The organization of public research in France is structured around two main groups of bodies and institutions.

Research bodies including public institutions of a scientific and technical character (EPST), the personnel of which are civil servants: the CNRS for basic science, the INSERM for health, the INRA for agronomy are some examples. They also include public institutions of an industrial character (EPIC), the personnel of which are employees under private law, like the CEA for atomic energy and the CNES for space. France is characterized by these large organizations, of a general or specialized nature, and they are highly visible internationally. Institutions of Higher Education are institutions of a scientific, cultural and professional character, and have the exclusive right to award doctoral degrees.

Public Scientific and Technical Research Establishment (EPST)


    A public scientific and technological establishment (EPST) since 1981, Cemagref is under the joint supervision of the Ministry for Research and the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.
    Cemagref is a public research institute whose work focuses on sustainable development in (…)

  • CNRS

    The French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) is a public basic-research organization that defines its mission as producing knowledge and making it available to society. The CNRS has 25,283 employees (among which 11,349 researchers and 13,934 engineers and technical and (…)

  • INED

    Created in 1945, INED has been a public scientific and technological establishment (EPST) since 1986. It is under the joint control of the Ministry for Research and the Ministry for Employment and Solidarity.
    At its own initiative or on request of the government, INED studies the (…)

  • INRA

    Created in 1946, INRA is a public establishment placed under the double supervision of the ministries in charge of Research and Agriculture.
    Missions to work for the public interest all while maintaining balance between the requirements of research and the requests of the company to produce (…)


    INRIA’s ambition is to be a world player, a research institute at the heart of the information society. INRIA aims to network skills and talents from the fields of information and computer science and technology from the entire French research system. This network allows scientific (…)


    The French National Institute for Transport and Safety Research was created by interministerial decree on 18th September 1985. The INRETS is a state-financed scientific and technological body under the dual administrative supervision of the Ministry of Research and the Ministry of Transport. (…)


    Created in 1964, the French National Institute for Health and Medical Research is a public scientific and technological organization.Overseen jointly by the French Ministries of Research and Health, INSERM’s vocation is to promote health for all. Missions
    It is by stressing and nourishing the (…)

  • IRD

    IRD is a French public scientific and technological research institute (EPST). It is jointly controlled by the Minister for Research and the delegated Ministry for Overseas Aid and Francophony.
    IRD carries out research whose aim is to foster sustainable development of southern (…)

  • LCPC

    Created in 1949, the LCPC is a French National Scientific and Technological Institute. It reports to the Ministry for Research and the Ministry for Public Works, Transport and Housing.
    Missions * Conduct research and studies in civil engineering, urban engineering and their link with the (…)


    Created in 1990, ADEME is a public industrial and commercial establishment (EPIC). It reports to the Ministry for Research, the Ministry for Regional Planning and the Environment and the Ministry for Economic Affairs, Finance and Industry.
    Reducing the quantity
    of household and industrial (…)