Science Cafés in Boston

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The OST section in Boston, in partnership with the New England French-American Chamber of Commerce, Hubtech21, and the Swiss consulate in Boston, organizes monthly science cafés with scientists and entrepreneurs located in the Boston area.

See also the Boston Café des Sciences website.

  • Café des Sciences Boston #77 : The Oceanic Expedition Tara

    Dr Lee Karp-Boss & Dr. Emmanuel Boss, PhD in Oceanography, professors at the University of Maine, will present Tara Expeditions to the francophone scientific community in Boston on Tuesday September 14 at 6pm. This French non-profit initiative is active since 2003 and organizes voyages to study and understand the impact of climate change and the ecological crisis facing the world’s oceans. Tara, a legendary boat built for extreme conditions, is the platform for these high-level scientific research missions.

  • Café des Sciences Boston #76 : CRISPR-Cas9, a revolutionary genetic tool

    MP Jean-Yves Le Déaut, and Senator Catherine Procaccian, President and Vice -President of the French parliament Office of Evaluation of Scientific and Technological Choices (OPECST), will be in the United States to study the potential benefits and risks of the genetic tool CRISPR-Cas9, and wish to meet French scientists. At this occasion, two French scientists based in Boston, Olivier Pourquié and Julien Muffat, will give short presentations on the use of CRISPR-Cas9.

  • Café des Sciences Boston #75 with Dr Jeff Karp : Simple Innovation Tools Work in Science…or Anywhere

    Dr Jeff Karp will give an inspiring talk about two of the most powerful tools used by his bio-research lab to solve problems in innovative ways, on a continuing basis: bioinspiration and radical simplicity.
    Jeff explains how his team has employed these tools and how they can succeed in any field. This talk opens exciting new paths to the continual innovation that is so important in today’s fast-changing world.

  • Café des Sciences Boston #73 - Master the creation of breakthrough innovation: The formula for success in Flagship venture capital

    Laura Jeanbart, PhD, is a bioengineer and participates in the 2015 Fellows program at Flagship VentureLabs in Cambridge. Flagship VentureLabs is an new initiative in the world of venture capital. It was launched by Flagship Venture, who while managing 1.4 billion dollars, is now one of the largest VC funds on the East Coast of the United States. Its investment domains are in biotechnology, health and life sciences, and sustainable development.

  • Café des Sciences Boston #72: The use of nano-particles in radiotherapy for the treatment of cancer

    Alexandre Detappe is a medical radio-physicist working in collaboration with the French company Nano-H, based in Lyon, that specializes in the design of nano-particles. For the past 10 years, Nano-H has developed an innovative nano-particle called AGuIX® that improves image guided radiotherapy for the treatment of cancer, from a diagnostic and therapeutic point of view, and the first clinical trial is planned for the beginning of 2016.

  • Café des Sciences Boston #71: Mars, a habitable or inhabited planet?

    Franck Montmessin is director of research at the CNRS and at LATMOS (Laboratoire Atmosphères, Milieux, Observations Spatiales) in the Paris region. He is one of the scientists in charge of the renowned European mission, Mars Express, and his research activities are focused on Mars, Venus, as well as Saturn’s satellite, Titan. He is an expert in Oceanology, Meteorology, and the Environment, and he has a doctoral degree in Astrophysics from the Université Pierre et Marie Curie Paris VI.

  • Café des Sciences Boston #70 - Patrick Tricoli, Vice-President Corporate Development of Nanobiotix and CEO of Nanobiotix USA

    Mr. Tricoli, a leader of the global pharmaceutical industry, joined the French company Nanobiotix in September 2014 to take the reins of the then newly established US subsidiary. He has over 25 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry and has held several positions during his career at Sanofi both at the Department of Research and Innovation and the Department of Corporate Development.