Support to creation

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It is commonly allowed that only half of the new companies survive five years after their creation, whereas the success rate of the accompanied companies is of almost 70 - 85%. On the other hand, it is surely more objective of saying that many projects would not be born if they were not accompanied and that certain projects are saved from failure following a good advice at the good time.

Support can be carried out by several types of organizations, public, private or associative. These organizations generally work in close cooperation and also with their local or regional partners.

Organizations & Associations

The so-called "Incubateurs" in France have a different role than incubators in the U.S.They are involved in early stage projects,before the legal set-up of the company.They work closely with universities and research laboratories which are their founders and shareholders. American Incubators are translated into "Pépinières" in France.

  • Incubators

    The term “Incubator” refers to a facility in charge of assisting and supporting people to create or develop a start-up company. This involves the following:
    •developing entrepreneurial spirit and detecting projects •evaluating ideas for new enterprise or activity •studying the (…)

  • Technopoles

    Technopoles were born from the local wills to stimulate the economic development of territories through innovation. For more than fifteen years, the technopoles have maintained partnerships between Industry and Trade Chambers (CCI) and universities.
    In the mean time, the European (…)

  • CEEI

    European Centers of Companies and Innovation (CEEI) which aim are to contribute to the creation of innovating companies and to the development of existing companies by innovation. January 1, 2002, France counted 20 centers among the 150 of the EBN (European Business and Innovation Center (…)

  • OSEO

    Promoting and financing innovation in French industry particularly for SMEs. Facilitating the emergence of new products and processes in all fields of activity. OSEO Anvar depends on Ministries of Economy and Ministry of Research. Key Figures Annual budget :301 Million of euros (2002) (…)

  • Réseau Entreprendre

    Réseau Entreprendre supports economic initiatives on a no lucrative basis, particularly targeting the "small projects with potential" and granting loans on trust.

  • Réseau Elan

    Réseau Elan (Pépinières) provides accommodation and material services for young companies, and are following-up approximately 2000 new companies.

  • Les Boutiques de Gestion

    Les Boutiques de Gestion mainly target liberal professions, small craftsmen and small shopkeepers.

  • Entreprendre en France

    Entreprendre en France, gathers 5.000 professionals through 175 reception facilities within CCI called "Espace Entreprendre", single counter of access to diversified services.

  • France Initiative Réseau

    France Initiative Réseau- FIR, federates the Platforms of Local Initiative (PFIL), which grant loans on trust, accompany the creator via a local "godfather".