University endowments: Austin, Berkeley, Chicago, MIT, Stanford

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There are 5 specific funds proposing annual calls for cooperation programs: France - Austin, France - Berkeley, France - Stanford, France - MIT and France - Chicago.

  • France-Austin

    The University of Texas at Austin and the Embassy of France in the United States signed an agreement in July 2017 to create an endowed excellence fund to support French-American research collaborations. The endowment will be named Dr. Cécile DeWitt-Morette France-UT Endowed Excellence Fund, after the French mathematician-physicist who served as a professor of physics at UT Austin from 1972 to 2017.

  • France-Berkeley

    Established in 1993, the France-Berkeley Fund (FBF) promotes scholarly exchange in all disciplines between UC Berkeley and all research centers and public institutions of higher education in France.

  • France-Chicago

    The University of Chicago is one of the most prestigious universities in the Midwest. It has ties to France through a foundation of the Foreign Affairs Ministry : the France-Chicago Center.

  • France-MIT

    The MIT-France Program started in September 2000, as the sixth country program of the MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives (MISTI). MISTI prepares MIT students and faculty to work and live in societies outside the United States through intensive language instruction, cultural immersion, in-country internships, and faculty research collaborations. MISTI is also working with corporations, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations to internationalize industry, education, and research. Building on highly successful MISTI experience in Japan, China, Germany, India, and Italy, the MIT-France Program aims to bring understanding of the accomplishments and issues of contemporary France to the attention of the students and faculty of MIT and to foster operational transatlantic cooperation.

  • France-Stanford

    The France-Stanford Center for Interdisciplinary Studies (FSCIS) was created in 2002 at the initiative of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Stanford University. It was officially inaugurated in November 2003. Its fundamental goal is to foster interdisciplinary collaboration and exchange between Stanford researchers and students and their French counterparts.