ActInSpace : prenez part à un évènement spatial international / 25-26 mai 2018

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The French Space Agency (CNES), the European Space Agency (ESA) and the ESA Business Incubation Centers network led by the cluster Aerospace Valley, are organizing worldwide on 25th and 26th May 2018 the hackathon ActInSpace, a start-up weekend dedicated to space applications.

How does it work ?
For 24 hours, and on the base of challenges proposed by organizers, teams (from two to five people) will be imagining and designing innovative services and products derived from space technologies, ESA or CNES’ patents and space acquired data. With the advice of business mentors and technical experts, teams will be working on real-life challenges and coming up with creative solutions that find everyday uses.

The winning teams will proceed to the global final to present their project to an international jury of experts on technology transfer and business development in Toulouse, France, in June 2018. All teams with promising projects will go on to receive guidance from partner incubators to accelerate their project and turn their idea into a real company.

What can you win ?
The grand prize is a ticket for a weightlessness experience. But beside that, many more prizes are available, as the EBAN Women Entrepreneurship, The GSA Geekie Award, The Airbus prizes and the FabSpace Prize.

Participation in the competition is open to business creators, students, researchers, entrepreneurs, associations, companies, developers, users, job seekers, designers and space experts.

For the first time since ActInSpace’s creation in 2014, the hackathon has been brought across 15 locations in the United States by the help of New Man’s Business Accelerator : Atlanta (GEORGIA), Cambridge (MASSACHUSETTS), Cape Canaveral/Orlando (FLORIDA), Charlotte (NORTH CAROLINA), Chicago (ILLINOIS), Houston (TEXAS), Huntsville (ALABAMA), Las Vegas (NEVADA), Los Angeles (CALIFORNIA), Mountain View (CALIFORNIA), New Orleans (LOUISIANA), New York City (NEW YORK), San Francisco (CALIFORNIA), Seattle (WASHINGTON), Washington (District of Columbia).

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Voluntary Expert, Coaches, Mentors

Attending teams have to be advised by technical experts and/or business mentors. That is why ActInSpace is looking for voluntary experts on May 25th, 26th 2018.

Organizers are setting up an online tool where technical experts from space sector will support participants and answer to their questions during the event. You can participate wherever you are and whenever you want (30 min, 1 hour, 3 hours, etc.).

Want to take part of this event ? Pre-pool here :

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