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The AFIC was created in July 1984 in order to represent the professionals of venture capital in France, and it is since the beginning a member of the AFECEI. Its role is to help entrepreneurs finding financial partners. With 178 active investors and 77 associate members, this association represents 85% of the structures in France and more than 90% of the capital invested.


The AFIC has the role of:

  • Promoting venture capital to entrepreneurs
  • Supporting initiatives to promote entrepreneurship
  • Promoting industry to the institutional investors_ Encouraging the development of stock exchange markets of growth stocks
  • Establishing high standards of deontology
  • Stimulating research on venture capital by facilitating contacts with universities, research organizations and associations
  • Ensuring continuing education to its members

Active members (about two thirds) are venture capital companies. The associate members with the AFIC are specialized companies which assist investors and entrepreneurs within the framework of their partnership. The AFIC is an excellent source of information on the venture capital in France and publishes each year a directory of investors.