American company Abreos Biosciences forms an R&D subsidiary in Marseille

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Abreos Biosciences developed a medical device that can optimize the dosages of biopharmaceuticals administered to cancer patients. In September 2016, Bradley Messmer, founder of the California-based biotech, signed a partnership with Institut Paoli Calmettes (IPC) in Marseille. Now, taking the logical next step, the company is creating its French subsidiary in Marseille. This addition to the region, which received support from the region’s economic development entities, including Provence Promotion, will allow patients to try out this new therapeutic technique.

Because France, Italy, Spain and Germany are the leading consumers of expensive drugs, Abreos Biosciences believes that these countries may, over time, save money and improve the quality of care by providing treatment specifically adapted to each patient.

"Each dose costs several thousand euros. In a year, the cost of treatment can be around €100,000 – even if it is not really suited to the patient. That is a lot of wasted money. In fact, each patient currently receives a standard dose that may be under- or excessively-dosed. Our device helps give the patient personalized therapy," says Bradley Messmer, Abreos CEO.

When asked about the environment in Marseille, the scientist can hardly contain his enthusiasm. "This town has all the advantages of San Diego: a cancer-fighting center, a renowned university and several laboratories. As for the Mediterranean climate, it is every bit as wonderful as California" the business owner enthuses.

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