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Angel Investors are private individuals who can bring in addition to financings, a regular support for the creator through their time, their address book, etc. In France, Angel Investors are called Business Angels. There are associations of business-angels, like laFédération des Cigales (110 clubs of Investment) or (network of business-angels, with a qualified base of 500 European investors).


Angel Investors are called "Business Angels" in France.We will use this terminology on the website. Business Angels are private investors also called informal investors who invest in unquoted small and medium sized businesses. They are often businessmen and women who have sold their business and they provide not only finance but experience and business skills. The motivation for investment varies from simple financial return to community benefit. Business Angels invest in the early stage of business development filling, in part, the equity gap.

Number of Business Angels in Europe

The number of active investors in Europe is estimated at 125.000 and the number of potential investors at 1.000.000.

Capacity of investment

Investment pools of available Business Angels finance is estimated at 3.000 millions euros in the UK, 1.500 millions euros in the Netherlands, 300 millions euros in Finland and 20 millions euros in Ireland. Data for the others countries are not available yet.
The investment pool of Business Angel finance for Europe, based on an extrapolation of population, is between 10 and 20 billions euros.

Business Angels Networks are organizations set up to provide a means of introduction between small and medium sized enterprises and investors. The matching operates through different way : computer matching, investment newsletters/magazines, investor forum and fairs.
The size of the Business Angels Network depends of the geographic scale of operation.

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