Appel d’offres 2020 - ATIP-AVENIR…

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The call for proposal 2020 of the ATIP-AVENIR program has been published with the aim of enabling young scientists and/or physicians (i.e. Ph.D obtained between September 15th 2009 and September 15th 2017) to create and lead their own team within an established INSERM or CNRS (Institute of biological sciences) laboratory in France.

In this selective call for proposal, the amount allocated is of a minimum of 270,000 € for 3 years, involving : (i) 60,000 € worth of operating expenses per year, (ii) a two-year fixed-term contract for a post-doctoral student, as well as (iii) the selected applicant’s salary, if s/he does not hold a permanent position (three-year fixed-term contract). The present Lorraine support program will supplement the ATIP-AVENIR allocation : (i) in order to reach a total of 100,000 € worth of operating expenses per year, (ii) with the funding of a third year of contract for the post-doctoral student, (iii) with the addition of a 1,300 € monthly premium for the applicant and (iv) with a possible program prolongation to a total of 5 years.

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