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Created in 1959, BRGM is a public industrial and commercial establishment (EPIC) placed under the joint supervision of the Ministry for Research and the Ministry for Economic Affairs, Finance and Industry.


  • mobilize the Earth Sciences for the sustainable management of natural resources and the subsurface environment.
  • support innovation and contribute to advancing the Earth Sciences and techniques, both nationally and internationally, trough research and development programs.
  • provide advice and expertise to the State and its decentralized services, local authorities, specialized agencies and other public organizations in the definition and implementation of their policies and help businesses that contribute to these policies.

Fields of Activity

  • geological knowledge, maps and information.
  • mineral resources and “post mining”.
  • groundwater, hot springs and mineral waters.
  • development planning and natural geologic hazards.
  • contaminated soils, wastes and processing.
  • information systems and modeling.
  • environmental metrology.
  • geothermal energy and geological storage.
    •new frontiers at the geology-biology interface.

Key Figures

  • 855 staff, including 600 scientists, engineers and technicians representing all the applied Earth Science disciplines
  • 26 Regional Geological Surveys (including 4 in Overseas Departments and 3 in Overseas.Territories)
  • 2002 turnover: €74.66 million
  • Activities by Themes