CAFFEET 2015 - Innovative solutions to integrate renewable energy

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- When : September 29th and 30th, 2015
- Where: The Village, 969 Market Street, San Francisco
- Event in English
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CaFFEET (The California France Forum on Energy Efficiency Technologies) is a 2-day annual event organized in San Francisco by The Office for Science and Technology at the Embassy of France in the United States, EDF, PRIME and the French Tech Hub. Its aim is to promote the exchange of technical and scientific knowledge in the field of energy efficiency between France and California, two major low-carbon economies. Each year, CaFFEET gathers more then 200 experts from academic world (UC Berkeley, Stanford,..), research centers (INRIA, CEA, EPRI,..), corporate companies & utilities (EDF, PG&E,..) and startups.

This 5th edition of CaFFEET, organized 2 months before the start of the COP21 Climate Change Conference in Paris, will address the key factors, the challenges and the opportunities related to the integration of an increasing share of renewable electricity sources in the energy mix. On the second day (September 30th), 3 sessions will be devoted to : how to improve the production of renewables, how to better integrate renewables (including storage), and how to better run and maintain the system (data analytics, augmented reality, drones).

Many innovative startups will also participate to the conference. On the first day (starting in the afternoon on September 29th), there will be pitch sessions and speed dating meetings, including large corporations and VC firms.