CALL FOR PROPOSALS 2019 Up and coming research program YOUNG START-UP TEAMS

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General conditions:

The Foundation for Medical Research (FRM) is continuing in 2019 its call for projects intended for top young researchers, French or foreign, hoping to join a French research organization to implement and lead a new research team.

This call for projects aims to reinforce the research potential of organizations that have, in the scope of an international call for applicants, already selected the candidate they would like to host.

The goal is to provide initial support essential for the establishment of the team before obtaining other funding (Programme Jeunes Chercheurs et Jeunes Chercheuses de l’ANR, Programme ATIP/Avenir du CNRS et de l’Inserm, Starting Grant de l’ERC…) and, in the case a non-statutory researcher, in order for him or her to be accepted by the recruitment competitions of public research organizations and higher education establishments.

FRM has allocated 2.4 million euros for this call for proposals.

The call for proposals is open starting February 12, 2019, and, according to the available budget, will be open until October 31, 2019. Applications will be evaluated by an ad hoc committee, during 3 sessions, according to the calendar below.

Please note: FRM reserves the right to close this call for proposals early if the funds dedicated to this program are completely used.

Funding mechanisms

The funding allotted by FRM is a maximum of 300 000 euros for a duration of two years.

It aims to cover personnel costs (salary for the team leader if necessary, salary of a post-doctoral researcher, an engineer, or a technician), material resources (operational and smaller equipment) and/or travel costs (limited to 3000 euros per year). The research organization commits, in return, to allocate to the research leader specific places of adequate size, material resources and to facilitate access to technological platforms of the website.

Mandatory criteria for admissibility

The host organization must have selected the candidate in the scope of an international call for applications finalized by interviews by an international jury. The selection must have taken place less than 24 months from the date of selection by FRM.

An eligible procedure must include:
- an international call for applications,
- the interview of several candidates by a jury predominantly outside of the host organization (i.e. the number of members outside must be strictly higher than the number members in the organization) and composed, at least in part, of foreign scientists (also working abroad),
- the jury’s rankings of all the candidates who interviewed,
- a report of the selection mentioning the evaluation of the candidate presented to FRM,

The committee will be particularly attentive to the methods and the rate of selection.

This call for proposals is intended to encourage mobility. Any request to split an existing team at the host organization will thus be excluded.

• Application selection

The selection of applications is carried out by an ad hoc committee including the president of the vice-president of FRM’s Scientific Counsel and several scientists recognized for their wide-range expertise.

The proposals will be evaluated according to the following criteria:
a) procedures put in place by the host organization to select applicants, selection rate, the composition of the committee intervening in the process and interviewing of the candidates
b) scientific quality and experience of the candidate
c) level of excellence of the host organization

FRM agrees to inform the applicant of FRM’s decision within one month from the date of the Committee.

For further information, please contact:
Mr. Rodrigue M’BOUTOU: (01 44 39 75 83)