CNRS International Magazine - No.34 - July 2014 - The Amazing World of Crystals

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2014 celebrates a science that has taken an important place in our daily lives in just 100 years: crystallography. How are crystal structures determined? How does this knowledge translate into applications? Our special report takes you to the amazing world of crystals, one of which, in particular, has magic properties: graphene.

Other subjects include the presentation of the recipients of the 2014 CNRS Innovation Medal; the latest advances in tactile sensation through the screens of our tablets and smartphones; the manufacturing of tougher ceramics structured like mother-of-pearl; an expert view on the near future of HIV/AIDS therapy; a portrait of outstanding mathematician Laure Saint-Raymond; a guided tour in images of the Pierre Auger Observatory, a cosmic ray hunter based in the Argentine Pampas; an update on the plastic debris pollution that plague our seas and oceans; and much more…

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