Café des Sciences Boston #73 - Master the creation of breakthrough innovation: The formula for success in Flagship venture capital

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- When: Tuesday, December 1st – from 6:00pm to 8:00pm
- Where: Swissnex Boston, 420 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02138
- Presentation in french followed by a networking reception

Our guest:

Laura Jeanbart, PhD, is a bioengineer and participates in the 2015 Fellows program at Flagship VentureLabs in Cambridge.

Flagship VentureLabs is an new initiative in the world of venture capital. It was launched by Flagship Venture, who while managing 1.4 billion dollars, is now one of the largest VC funds on the East Coast of the United States. Its investment domains are in biotechnology, health and life sciences, and sustainable development.

Flagship VentureLabs is the first VC fund that adopted internally a systematic approach to creating breakthrough innovation. It’s a machine that combines scientific, entrepreneurial and management skills and that allows the generation of technological breakthroughs that are the basis of many startups. This approach allowed Flagship Ventures to file over 260 patents and launch companies such as Seres and Moderna Therapeutics.

Each year, thousands of scientists from the world’s best research centers apply to participate in the Flagship program VentureLabs Fellows. Only a dozen candidates are selected for a program that aims to empower the entrepreneurial spirit in high-potential scientists. Laura is part of the program this fall. At Flagship, she explores and examines different scientific ideas and contributes to the creation and launch of new startups in the biotechnology field. While remaining a scientist at the forefront of research and technology, with this unique experience, she completed her entrepreneurship and management skills by taking advantage of the expertise of partners in Flagship Ventures.


Laura received her PhD in engineering from the EPFL (Lausanne, Switzerland) in the laboratories of Professors Melody A. Swartz and Jeffrey A. Hubbell. She developed various therapeutic vaccines and immunotherapies based on nano-particles and polymers in order to adjust and re-educate the immune system in the context of the cancer and allergies. In collaboration with the CHUV (Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois) and the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, she continued the implementation of these technologies in clinical settings. Laura holds a Bachelor and a Master degree in biomedical engineering from Brown University and Yale University, respectively. In 2013, Laura launched her pastries blog "Laura’s Sweets" and was published on an Amazon cookbook.