Café des Sciences #92 : « ALEXA – Tell me a story! »

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Café des Sciences #92: Cédric Warny researcher within the Amazon company, will introduce a virtual assistant: ALEXA.

- When : Wednesday, June 06
- Where : Tufts School of Dental Medicine - Rachel’s Amphitheater, room 1414, 14th floor - 1 Kneeland Street, Boston
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Understanding natural language is a central task in a product like "ALEXA". The presentation will introduce the different elements of such a system, give a general description of ALEXA, and discuss the links with Artificial Intelligence, which will be unveiled through some concrete examples as well as through a discussion of the notions of "machine learning" and "data science".



Cédric Warny is a researcher within the Amazon company where he works on the understanding of coding for the intelligent personal "ALEXA". Cédric joined Amazon after four years of consulting in data analysis with SAS. At SAS, he has been involved in a wide variety of projects: analyzing refugee movements in Syria using data from social networks, setting up systems for predicting recidivism of child abuse in North Carolina. The common feature in this diversity of projects is data analysis and the creation of predictive systems improving with the amount of data available.

Cédric holds a degree in management engineering from Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management and holds a Masters in Analytics from North Carolina State University.



6:00pm: Welcome
6:30pm: Presentation and Questions & Answers
7:00pm: Networking


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