Café des Sciences #95: "Move the microscopy and pathology laboratory inside the patient"

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- When : Wednesday, January 16th
- Where : Sanofi Genzyme Center, 50 Binney St, Cambridge, MA 02142
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Bruno Villaret has acquired a diversified international education during his studies in Lebanon, Italy, and France, which allows him to speak four languages fluently.
He worked as a Business Manager in Europe and Asia; he began his career as an export manager for Sapag, a division of Saint-Gobain, then for 15 years he held the position of Managing Director for the Asia-Pacific region for Tyco Fire and Building Products. In January 2009, Bruno joined Mauna Kea Technologies with the mission of developing the Cellvizio market in the Asia-Pacific region. Bruno is responsible for Cellvizio’s sales worldwide outside of the United States: EMEA, APAC, and LATAM.

About Mauna Kea Technologies

Since 2000, Mauna Kea Technologies has pioneered the medical advancement of digital in-vivo endomicroscopy. By bringing together world-leaders in astrophysics and medicine, they engineered the world’s smallest microscope that enables clinicians to view tissue within the human body at a cellular level in real-time, a process known as optical biopsy. There mission is to eliminate diagnostic and treatment uncertainties and improve the care of patients
Cellvizio belongs to a specific category of microscopes, called “confocal laser microscopes”. This means that the images made by Cellvizio come only from a very thin focal plane that is optically projected into the tissues. This optical slicing capability plays the role of the physical slicing of endoscopically extracted tissue samples (or biopsies) as done in standard histology. The images produced by Cellvizio are sometimes referred to as optical or virtual biopsies, although they are not entirely comparable to physical biopsies.
Cellvizio’s information allows to make more informed and efficient treatment decisions for patients who may be suffering from gastrointestinal cancers and other diseases



6:00pm : Welcome
6:15pm : Présentation + Q&A
7:00pm : Networking


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