Café des Sciences in Denver, CO, with Dr Hicham Bichraoui - Ion Channels: What are they, what do they do?

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The Alliance Française of Denver and the Office for Science and Technology of the Consulate General of France in Los Angeles invite you to a Café des Sciences on Wednesday, April 16th, 2014 at 6pm with Dr Hicham Bichraoui, who will present "Ion Channels: What are they, what do they do?" at the Alliance Française in Denver, CO.

- When: Wednesday, April 16th, 2014 à 6pm
- Where: Alliance Française de Denver, 571 Galapago St, Denver, CO 80204
- Seminar in French and in English
- FREE Event: Please RSVP by email at or by phone at 303 831 0304

Ion channels are proteins expressed in all living cells. They serve as selective entry or exit points for different ions across the otherwise impermeable cellular membrane. They literally control all of our vital functions: muscular contractions, neuronal function, secretions, etc… They generate and control the myriad of electronic signals that cross the brain, muscles, and the heart at every moment in our lives. A large number of diseases are linked to the malfunction of these ion channels: neurodegenerative diseases, muscular dystrophy, migraines, cardiac issues, certain epilepsies… They are also implicated in the mechanisms that produce sensations of pain. Researchers from Dr Hicham Bichraoui’s lab try to understand the relationship that exists between the structure and the function of these ion channels and in particular channels that are permeable to calcium. Dr Hicham Bichouari will use some examples to explain the nature and function of these proteins.