Café des Sciences : what about materials after-tomorrow ?

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When : Thursday February 22, 2018 from 5:30 pm to 9:00 pmRetour ligne automatique
Where : Hardware Club, 52 Washburn Street, San Francisco

The last Café des Sciences organized by the Service for Science and Technology of the Consulate of France in San Francisco was held on February 22, 2018 at the Hardware Club in San Francisco. The Hardware Club is a micro-venture capital fund that targets its investments in start-ups in the hardware world and offers premium support to the companies in its portfolio in the form of targeted connections and premium dinners (

Hyloh (derived from the ancient Greek word meaning "matter" is an international collective of five materials specialists, at the initiative of the French designer Elodie Ternaux, former director of material library materiO. The group offers support to companies facing innovation issues in the field of materials science. Hyloh was on a prospecting mission in the United States (New York then San Francisco) : the proposal that the Service for Science and Technology had made to them was to evoke futuristic scenarios about the use of materials in the after tomorrow world.

From a hyper-connected world with unlimited digital resources where the augmented human being interacts more and more with autonomous devices to a physical existence with limited material resources, hyloh exposed his manifesto. Insisting on the necessities of a circular economy producing as little waste as possible, the members of the collective have in particular supported their argument on the reduction of the quantities of materials indispensable to innumerable devices : the rare earths, cement of the digital economy. While explaining the increasingly tenuous boundaries between the physical and digital worlds, the speakers shed light on the various options for the future place of materials and how brands could benefit from them in order to reach consumers through new channels.