Café des sciences Los Angeles - Laetitia Dablanc - January 30, 2012

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" Environmental and economic issues related to the movement of goods in very large cities, with a focus on Paris, Los Angeles and Atlanta "

This free event will take place on January 30th at 5:00pm, at the USC University Club.

For more information, please consult the website of the Consulate General of France in Los Angeles. To RSVP, kindly email

- Presentation abstract

Freight transportation is an often forgotten but crucial activity for large metropolitan areas. In Atlanta, the number of warehouses has tripled since 1998, making it the fastest growing industry (in number of new facilities) in the city over the past twelve years. Los Angeles is the main logistics hub for North America, and more than one million containers go through its two main ports every month, serving the rest of the country and the world. In the Paris region, more than 1 million deliveries are made every day, and the logistics and freight industries employ more than 100,000 people. These activities also have an important environmental impact. 25% of transport based CO2 emissions are related to the urban movement of goods. Freight accounts for 30% of NOx and 50% of particulate matters’ emissions related to urban traffic. These last two pollutants are particularly dangerous for the health of the urban populations. In her talk, Laetitia will present the economic rationales behind urban freight transportation, as well as its environmental challenges. She will present the preliminary results of her analysis of local policies implemented to achieve a cleaner urban freight mobility

- Biography

Laetitia Dablanc is a senior scientist from the French Institute of Science and Technology for Transport, Development and Networks (IFSTTAR). Her areas of research are freight transportation, freight and the environment, urban freight and logistics, rail freight, freight transport policies. She received a PhD in transportation planning from Ecole des Ponts-ParisTech, and a Master’s degree in city and regional planning from Cornell University. She was initially trained in policy analysis and economics at Science Po Paris. With the financial support of IFSTTAR and ADEME, she is currently working on logistics sprawl issues and freight transportation planning in U.S. and European mega-regions. For that, Laetitia was a visiting scholar at the Georgia Institute of Technology during academic year 2010-2011 and is a visiting scholar at the University of Southern California/METRANS during 2011-2012 academic year.

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Flyer - Laetitia Dablanc - January 30, 2012

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