Call for Head of the European and International Relations Office (BREI) of the Aix-en-Provence Arts and Métiers Campus

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Arts et Métiers is a public scientific, cultural and professional institution under the sole responsibility of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. It is composed of 8 campuses and 3 institutes spread over the territory. Its missions are those of a public institution of higher education: training, research and valorisation. The Aix-en-Provence campus welcomes more than 700 engineering students in different courses: multi-disciplinary engineer, specialist engineer (mechanics, public works, electrical engineering) through apprenticeship, specialized masters, PhD. An agreement in principle has been established between the American University Texas AM (TAMU) and Arts et Métiers (AM) to build a transatlantic partnership between two institutions with similar strategies in higher education and research. The creation of a Joint Center for Materials and Manufacturing Science was jointly approved by the TAMU-TEES (Texas AM Engineering Experiment Station) and AM General Directorates. It will be located on the AM campus in Aix-en-Provence and will be the first major brick of the partnership.

Mission and Positioning

Local component of the DDIE (International and European Development Department), the BREI (Office of European and International Relations) of Aix-en-Provence is the unique interface for managing international training and research actions at the Aix campus, concerning students and staff, for a predetermined geographical area.
- Hierarchical reporting: Director of the Aix-en-Provence Campus
- Functional Connection: Director of International and European Development (DDIE)
- Functional links: student affairs department, head of academic programs, the eprson in charge for partnerships for the Maghreb-Italy zone, director of the teaching-research programs with Texas AM University, heads of the research laboratories at the Aix campus.

Main Activities

AM-TEES Partnership: In the particularly ambitious context of the deployment of the AM / TEES partnership on the Aix campus, the head of BREI at Aix must ensure coordination and administrative management in close consultation with the Aix campus director and the director of the teaching-research programs related to this operation: administrative follow-up and logistical support for inbound and outbound mobility of students and teacher-researchers, organization and coordination of summer schools, preparation and animation of steering committees, meetings and communication documents, setting up and managing requests for assistance from institutional partners, developing industrial relations between France and the United States. In the development phase of this partnership, the workload will represent about 50% (0.5 FTE) of the activity.

- Outgoing mobility (students, PhD students, teachers, researchers): the BREI manager will inform all Aix campus students of opportunities to travel abroad (organization of meetings, assistance with the construction of the course , …) and will accompany them in preparing for departure abroad (administrative procedures, study contracts, scholarships, transcripts, workshops, preparation for departure …). He / she will follow-up the campus students on internship abroad and contribute to the development of a permanent offer of internships at the international level. At the national level, he / she will ensure the administrative follow-up of the outgoing mobility to Maghreb and Italy for all AM students (preparation of documents on these countries, Erasmus + contract, learning agreements, etc.).

- Inbound mobility (students, PhD students, teachers, researchers): the Aix BREI will facilitate the welcoming and support of foreign students admitted to the campus (administrative procedures, accommodation, visa, etc.) to ensure their best integration. He / she will ensure the selection and administrative follow-up of incoming mobilities from Maghreb and Italy to all the AM campuses in support of the zone manager.

- Miscellaneous: management of ERASMUS + projects for the areas of responsibility of the Aix campus (Morocco and Tunisia), the PACA region scholarships, the preparation of an annual review of the BREI’s activities, administrative follow-up of incoming and outgoing faculty mobility.

Knowledge & Experience

Master degree, engineering degree, PhD.
French bilingual.
Work experience in higher education institutions.
Experience in international project management.
Knowledge of international and, in particular, American educational systems.

Behavioral/Social Skills

Demonstrate flexibility and openness to respond to the multicultural context of international action. Good interpersonal skills. Rigor, autonomy and organizational ability.

Further Information

1 year contract, renewable, from October 1, 2017
Location: Aix-en-Provence
Job Category: Category A of the French Civil Service.
Employment ratio: 100%

Application and cover letter to be sent electronically, before August 31, 2017 to Philippe COLLOT, Directeur du Campus Arts et Métiers d’Aix-en-Provence :