Call for applications 2019 - International mobility of junior researchers in Pediatric Cancers

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The French Government has recently reinforced its commitment to pediatric cancer research through an additional annual 5M € plan coordinated by INCa, in conjunction with French research organizations (AVIESAN), public and private operators in oncology, healthcare professionals, health service users and voluntary bodies, including parents’ associations.

In this context, a call for proposals has been opened to enhance the attractiveness of pediatric oncology research for young talents and facilitate their career in pediatric oncology research.

This call is open to :

- Young researchers who have obtained their doctorate in France and who wish to do a postdoctoral internship in sciences abroad (duration 12 months) ;

- Young researchers who have obtained their doctorate abroad wishing to do a postdoctoral fellowship in science in France (duration 24 months) ;

- Young researchers and students (in science, engineering school, medicine or pharmacy) already receiving a salary in France for a master’s degree in research, a PhD or a post-doctorate and wishing to do an internship of 6 to 12 months abroad as part of their training. - assistance to international mobility.

It covers all fields of basic research (biology and cancer sciences) and translational research in pediatric oncology (solid tumors and onco-hematology). It is part of a formal collaboration between a French academic research laboratory and an academic research laboratory abroad.

You will find all the information in the following link and in attachment.