Cirad refocuses its research around six main scientific priorities

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CIRAD has defined six priorities around with they will recenter their research. The organization wishes to adjust its responses as best it can to the current challenges of development in Southern countries, from human, ecological, and economic points of view.

These six scientific priorities are:

  • Ecological intensification
    Create an ecologically intensive agricultural system that can feed the planet.
  • Energy biomass at the service of Southern people
    Study the conditions for emphasizing and implementing bioenergies for populations in Southern nations.
  • A reliable and diversified food supply
    IInnovate to have accessible, diversified, reliable food sources.
  • Animal health, emerging illnesses
    Anticipate and manage infectious sanitary risks linked to wild and domestic animals.
  • Public policy, poverty, and inequality
    Support public policy for the reduction of structural inequalities and for the fight against poverty.
  • Relations between agriculture, environment, nature, and societies
    Better understand relations between agriculture and the environment and between societies and nature, in order to manage tropical spaces sustainably

To learn more, consult the CIRAD web site.