Connect Talent - Call for Projects from Pays de la Loire Region

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As the fifth region in France, the Pays de la Loire is experiencing a powerful growth phase both demographically and socio-economically. Open to the world and concerned about the role it should play on a national level, it respects the human and economic balance in its territory and is sensitive to the impact of its actions on society. In order to consolidate this growth in a sustainable manner, the Pays de la Loire region is prioritizing development of the innovation landscape, research and higher education.

By means of the international Connect Talent call for projects, the Pays de la Loire region and the experts in its ecosystem hope to detect breakthrough projects and support them to maturation. A breakthrough project is one that has the aim and potential to meet one or more of the major scientific or technological challenges of our time, inside one discipline or in a transdisciplinary logic, a project capable of meeting one or several challenges in the field of training, an innovative project whose societal and economic impacts in the medium and long term are incontestable, an audacious project capable of significantly accelerating the current driving forces in the region and winning it scientific and academic recognition, and a reputation and attractiveness on a worldwide level.

The call for projects is aimed at international scientific leaders working alone or with a team in order to kick start a new research programme or to accelerate the development of an existing programme.

Application Deadline: April 30, 2017

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