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15 French companies have been selected to participate in the 2014 edition of the NETVA (New Technology Venture Accelerator) program, a unique program of preparation and exposure to high-tech U.S. markets for young innovative French companies. NETVA responds to the need for international expansion faced by young French startups in high technology. They companies will be participating in a seminar followed by several days of training before coming to the U.S. for their immersion week in the fall.

The Seminar

On June 30th in Paris, the companies will be participating in the fifth NETVA Seminar, held at the Headquarters of Microsoft France, in Paris. This unique event (open to the public), organized by the Office for Science and Technology from the Embassy of France in the United-States, will tackle the American market and explore various subjects for entrepreneurs to know in order to succeed in the United-States. RSVP here:

The laureates

In 2014, 87 young innovative companies applied to the French national competition to participate in this year’s NETVA program. These candidates went through two selection processes to determine this year’s laureates, the first taking place in Paris, and the second, in one of the three NETVA cities in the United States: Boston, San Francisco, and Washington DC.

The fifteen laureates for 2014 of the program are very promising French startups in a variety of high technology sectors:

Laureates invited to Boston :

- Adionics: develops a new technology to desalinate any salty water (included seawater) and to democratize access to desalination.
- Emosis: focuses on the development and commercialization of an unparalleled in vitro diagnostic system, to routinely diagnose and assess hemostasis disorders.
- NAWATechnologies: develops and industrializes a new generation of ultra-capacitors.
- Prodontis: develops a connected medical device providing an automated tooth cleaning in order to treat periodontal disease.
- SurgiMab: provides oncology surgeons with an intraoperative surgical assistance technique that will allow them to visualize infra-clinical size tumors invisible to their naked eyes during surgery.

Laureates invited to San Francisco

- aPSI3D: designs, manufactures and sales, addressing fast growth markets, an innovative generation of power die packaging, far more compact and less inductive.
- Anastom Surgical: designs and brings to the market a portfolio of innovative tubular suturing medical devices based on an exclusive technology, rendering this complex surgical gesture safe, fast and easy.
- Delair-Tech: offers discreet, safe and reactive aerial observation solutions designed for the Oil & Gas industry and the utilities.
- Klearia: develops innovative sensors based on Lab-On-A-Chip for real time monitoring traces of pollutants to optimize treatment in water.
- Stilla Technologies: offers instruments for high resolution genetic analysis that allows researchers and clinicians to reveal life changing details in their samples.

Laureates invited to Washington, DC

- Amerigo Capital Analytics: provides innovative algorithms that allow institutional investors to value complex mortgage real-estate investment trusts and measure their fundamental risks.
- CreaWave: delivers vocal messages and interfaces that perfectly imitate human voice.
- FlightWatching: created an innovative piece of web-based software that links with aircraft ACARS data which transform into animated schematics to track, troubleshoot or predict aircraft failures.
- Gaia Transparence: presents financial institutions with an open source platform for integrated trading, risk, and processing for financial products, natively offering transparency that achieves standardization and reduces costs through mutualization.
- Systheia: has developed innovative, reliable, and modular miniaturized imaging solutions for harsh environments, for applications in space and the nuclear industry.

For more information:

NETVA is a program of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development. This initiative is supported by the RETIS network, Microsoft BizSpark, Marie Landel & Associates, Edenred USA and Morgan, Lewis & Bockius.

Contacts :
Maxime Huynh - Attaché adjoint pour la Science et la Technologie - Consulat Général de France à Boston (+1) 617 832 4467
Pierrick Bouffaron - Attaché adjoint pour la Science et la Technologie - Consulat Général de France à San Francisco – (+1) 415 591 4834
Thomas Debacker - Attaché adjoint pour la Science et la Technologie - Ambassade de France à Washington D.C. – (+1) 202 944 6236