Experienced immunologist position for the operational coordination of the LICL

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The Laboratory of Immunotherapy of Cancer of Lyon (LICL) is affiliated to the Cancer Research Center of Lyon (CRCL) and to the department of Translational Research and Innovation of the Léon Bérard Center (CLB) at the interface between the Fundamental Research developed by the CRCL immunology teams and the Clinical Research implemented by the CLB clinical teams.

The objectives of the LICL are to provide the site with all the skills and expertises needed to i) monitor innovative immunotherapy clinical trials conducted at CLB, ii) identify resistance mechanisms and new targets in collaboration with the CRCL teams and iii) develop new drugs against these targets in partnership with the regional biotech network. To these aims, the LICL brings together different platforms and research groups with scientific/technological competences/expertise in the field of anti-tumor immunity:

  • Blood monitoring of immune cells (platform of Innovation in Immunomonitoring and Immunotherapy)
  • In situ analysis of tumor infiltrating immune cells through multiplex fluorescence tissue imaging (in collaboration with the Anatomopathology Platform of CLB)
  • Analysis of tumor antigen-specific immune responses and functional analysis in miniaturized assays
  • Identification of resistance mechanisms and new immunotherapy targets (in collaboration with the Gilles Thomas Bioinformatics Platform
  • Preclinical evaluation of immunotherapies (Tumor Models Laboratory, LMT)

The LICL currently involves 9 FTEs and is expected to reach 13 FTEs in early 2019 and 18-20 FTEs by 2021. The LICL is also part of the LYrican, the Site of Integrated Research on Cancer (SIRIC) of Lyon, recently labeled by the INCa (Institut National du Cancer).

Led by Christophe Caux, the LICL is currently seeking an experienced immunologist for the operational coordination of its activities


The successful applicant will work under the supervision of C. Caux in close collaboration with the afore mentioned CLB Platforms and CRCL immunology teams to coordinate its different activities, the programs run through the LICL, and the implementation of the required technologies. The main objectives of the applicant will be to: 1/ direct specific activities of the LICL, 2/ coordinate and organize the activities to advance programs, 3/ develop new partnerships with industries/biotechs on specific programs, 4/ coordinate the interaction between CRCL teams, CLB clinicians, pharmas and LICL teams.

The duties include:

  • Define and handle the data management processes
  • Write grant applications and scientific and financial reports
  • Interact with collaborators and public partners
  • Design partnership programs including quotations
  • Provide support to research projects by performing scientific surveys and providing assistance in the writing of manuscripts and conception of scientific presentations


The successful candidate will have a PhD and postdoctoral experience with a solid background in immunology, and ideally expertise in in vivo preclinical models, immune monitoring and project management. The individual should be highly motivated, able to work in a team within a multidisciplinary research environment, able to communicate efficiently and endowed with good managerial skills. The candidate should have a solid publication record in well-regarded journals. Knowledge of tumor biology, biostatistics and bioanalysis will be considered as an advantage.

Position :

Contract length: 3 years with an expected extension as a CDI
Interested applicants should send a cover letter and CV, including the contact information of two professional references, to Christophe Caux (christophe.caux@lyon.unicancer.fr).

The closing date for applications is October 15th 2018.