French American Doctoral Exchange Seminar (FADEx) : Ocean-Climate

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French Ph.D. students can refer to the French version of this article.

Introduction to FADEx-O

The objective of the French-American Doctoral Exchange (FADEx) program is to enhance exchanges between French and American PhD students working in the same field and to develop French-American scientific collaborations.

As with every edition of the FADEx program, ten American PhD students are invited for a week in France. The same number of French PhD students are also selected to follow this thematic seminar. This program allows these young researchers to present their work to their peers in an international conference situation (the language used is English) while remaining in an informal setting. PhD students can thus develop their skills in presentation of their scientific work, in analysis and in discussion. Participants in the program are also invited to attend conferences given by researchers who are experts in their field. This program also serves as an opportunity for American students to better understand the French research system. Bringing French and American students together is then used as a basis for developing future collaborations.

New in this edition, to encourage long-term exchanges, an equivalent seminar with the same young researchers will take place in the United States in spring 2018.

The theme of this session focuses on Ocean and Climate. Indeed, in 2015, the Office for Science and Technology of the Embassy of France in the United States chose the Ocean and Climate as a priority theme and launched a series of scientific workshops FACT-O, French -American Climate Talks on Ocean. Climate change adaptation and mitigation, at the heart of international discussions, necessarily involves a better understanding of the oceans which play an essential role in the climate system. The study of the oceans covers a wide spectrum of scientific disciplines, including marine geology, physical and chemical oceanography, marine biology and social sciences. FADEx-O is designed for young researchers from all these disciplines.


All selected PhD students are invited to present their thesis at a seminar and a poster session. They also participate in workshops to identify scientific convergences and foster future collaborations. The program of visits in France takes place in three regions so as to visit some emblematic places of French oceanographic research: in Brittany, in Paris, and in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (Marseille-Nice). Because this is also an opportunity for sharing a good time between French and American delegations, this scientific seminar will also include tourist activities and friendly moments.

Draft program

Application and Funding

The French-American Doctoral Exchange on Ocean and Climate (FADEx-O) is organised in partnership with the Scripps Institution of Oceanography (UC San Diego). We welcome all applications of PhD students enrolled at Scripps

Deadline for applications extended to June 26 at midnight (Pacific Time). Ten students will be chosen to participate in the program and a grant will be offered by the Office for Science and Technology and its partners to cover a round trip ticket to Paris, travel within France, accommodations and meals. French citizens are not eligible. The selection will be based on the scientific excellence of the candidate, their motivation and the maturity of their project.

To apply:

The call for application is now closed.

(Please note that the call for applications for French Ph.D. students will be published later. All the information for French students are available on the French version of this article.)


Application deadline: June 26, 2017
Results: July 2017
Seminar and visits in France: October 15-21, 2017
Seminar and visits in the United States: Spring 2018


Partner in the US:

Partners in France:


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