France-Atlanta 2013: Aerospace Engineering and the Life Sciences, opportunities for the future

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- When: October 24 and 25, 2013
- Where: Georgia Tech

France-Atlanta 2013 will host on October 24 and 25 high-level meetings involving cognitive engineers, neuro-physiologists, aerospace health scientists and aerospace engineers from France and the US.

The aim of this workshop is to offer the opportunity to integrate the various points of view from various communities in order to identify future opportunities at the junction between health sciences and the aerospace enterprise.

About the workshop:

The aerospace enterprise and health sciences have been closely intertwined since the beginning of the aviation era. The two disciplines have interacted even more after the beginning of manned spaceflight. Today, the accumulated amount of knowledge shared by aerospace and life sciences is enormous, and it has a strong impact on society-at-large. With the advent of new aerospace paradigms, such as unmanned air vehicles and far-flung extra-terrestrial missions, new opportunities arise. To define the future of the cooperation between aerospace engineering and the life sciences, it is necessary to perform a broad examination of the state of the art and identify new and clear opportunities for transatlantic collaborations.

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