France-Atlanta 2013 - Workshop on Translational Reasearch in Biomedical Disciplines

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- When: October 23 - 24, 2013
- Where: Emory University (Map)

This workshop has two main objectives:

Exchange and exploring the state-of-art in translational research

Translational research” applies in health science. It is aimed at permitting an efficient process from basic science to clinical application and rapidly to practical health outcomes.
Translational research means crossing the usual barriers and compartment walls and does exist as a concept to be tackled in itself to finally insure a real continuum from the lab discoveries to the health medical application. That is: “from bench to bedside”.
The workshop based on a partnership between France (with the participation of INSERM) and Atlanta translational centers will focus on the identification of the best strategies to optimize translational processes.

A win-win agreement to fight blood diseases and cancers

In 2013, on the occasion of France-Atlanta and following the previous edition of this initiative, a consortium of biomedical and medical research institutes of Toulouse (France) and the Winship Institute of Emory University in Atlanta (GA) will join their efforts to reinforce the collaboration to fight haematological diseases and blood cancers.

- Mireille Guyader (INSERM Washington)
- Nicolas Florsch (Consulate General of France, Atlanta)
- Jacques Galipeau (Winship Institute)
- Luc Sensebé (INSERM Toulouse).

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