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The University of Chicago is one of the most prestigious universities in the Midwest. It has ties to France through a foundation of the Foreign Affairs Ministry: the France-Chicago Center (FCC). The FCC had a budget of around $100,000 in 2004, less than 10% of which was designated to the sciences.

In 2007, the FCC saw its first exchanges with the Collège de France (Climatologist Edouard Bard and Physicist Serge Haroche) and the Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques de Bures-sur-Yvette (Mathematics Chair). The France and Chicago Collaborating in The Sciences (FACCTS) was created in 2008. This program have an annual fund of around $120,000 for financing projects in the sciences, primarily from the fields of physics and biology. The ten projects subsidized under FACCTS for each year are selected after a request for proposals. The budget for 2008 is established at $275,000, of which about 56% is designated for the sciences.

The deadline for proposals is usually the beginning of December each year.


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