French-American Science festival - Black holes, supernovae, Big Bang: why are gravitational waves a revolutionary discovery?

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As part of the French-American Science Festival 2017 in Chicago, Pr. Benoit Mours (CNRS - the French National Center for Scientific Research) will give a free public lecture to present the recent discovery about gravitational waves.

- When: May 4, 2017, 7PM
- Where: Alliance Française de Chicago (54 W Chicago Ave., Chicago, IL)
- Registration
- Lecture in English for general audience

About the presentation

A century after Albert Einstein’s prediction on general relativity, the observation of gravitational waves, emitted by the merging of two black holes, has been confirmed in 2015 by a team of international scientists gathered in the LIGO scientific collaboration.

Gravitational-wave astronomy is an emerging discipline aimed at using gravitational waves to collect observational data about objects such as neutron stars and black holes, events such as supernovae, and processes including those of the early universe shortly after the Big Bang. Come to learn more about the main breakthroughs that made this discovery possible, the worldwide network of instruments and the future of this new field.

Free public lecture, in English, followed by Q&A with the audience and a wine and cheese reception. Exclusive occasion to attend a lecture with such talented French scientists!

About the speaker

Benoit Mours is Director of Research at the CNRS. He studies gravitational waves since the late 1980s and has contributed to the development and the construction of the European gravitational wave detector Virgo.

He was the spokesperson of the collaboration Virgo during the start-up phase of the experiment and has worked for the implementation in 2007 of the agreement between the scientific collaboration LIGO and Virgo, making possible the sharing of data and the unification of the groups of analysis and publications. He is the French scientific leader for Virgo and then for Advanced Virgo.

About the French-American Science Festival

The Office for Science and Technology in Chicago is organizing the sixth annual of the French-American Science Festival fom May 1st to May 4th, as part of the French Innovation Week organized by the Consulate General of France, the French-American Chamber of Commerce in Chicago and the Alliance Française of Chicago.

Since 2011, the French-American Science Festival brings together scientists and educators from universities, national laboratories, industries and non-governmental organizations from France and the U.S, representing a wide range of fields, from biology to nanotechnologies, through astronomy. Every year, two general public conferences with leading scientists are organized on highly topical issues, in partnership with the Alliance française. the new genome-editing technologies and their applications in agriculture. In addition, in partnership with the University of Illinois in Chicago and Northwestern University, particularly the Rick Morimoto’s laboratory, a full day of science education and outreach allows children from the schools of the Chicago area to discover science and to learn the scientific approach.

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