French Researcher Gets a $3M Funding for New University Program at UCLA

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Professor Laurent Pilon, a mechanical and aerospace engineering professor and research director at UCLA, will coordinate a program funded by the National Science Foundation, focused on sustainable development and renewable energies, in order to prepare students to face the global challenges associated with urban migration and global warming. The 5-years program will allow the set up of a curriculum for postgraduate students.

Several units within the UCLA campus will participate in this multidisciplinary program, including UCLA College, the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability, and the California NanoSystems Institute.

This project is part of a major initiative, the Sustainable LA Grand Challenge, which aims at ensuring the Los Angeles County transition toward the exclusive use of renewable energy and local spring water by 2050. In April 2017, city mayor Eric Garcetti, , and UCLA chancellor Gene Block, created the "LA Sustainability Leadership Council", which they co-chair.

This initiative highlights the commitment of both UCLA and the City of Los Angeles to sustainable development and the struggle against global warming.