French government launches the Agriculture-Innovation 2025 plan

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During the Paris International Agricultural Show, in February 2016, the French government launched a new action plan, Agriculture and Innovation 2025. This plan, coordinated by the French ministries of Agriculture, of Higher Education and Research and of Economy, aims at enhancing knowledge on different agricultural areas in order to increase agricultural competitiveness and environmental performances.

This plan is based on the report, Agriculture-Innovation 2025, released last October and gathering 30 recommended projects on nine different areas, such as agroecology, bioeconomy, robotics or biotechnology. It comes as part of the Agro-ecological project for France, carried out by the French ministry of Agriculture, and the French National Strategy for Research, a strategy currently being developed by the ministry of Higher Education and Research, which identifies the main scientific and technologic priorities for the next five years.

The main goal of this plan is to direct funding for research projects dedicated to major agricultural issues. It is based on four priorities:

  • To strengthen research on agricultural soils and on the reliationship between agriculture and climate, particularly through the “4 per 1000” initiative related to carbon capture and storage and the launch of an international research project;
  • To put agriculture at the heart of the French National Strategy for Research by including it in three of the five priority action programs;
  • To develop digital agriculture through the development of new sensors and related digital services and the implementation of an agricultural data portal;
  • To create living labs, gathering farmers, industries and researchers, to foster open innovation on the whole territory.

This action plan is also part of the response to the crisis in the agricultural sector in France.

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