French government orders a commission report on competitiveness of the national space sector

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The French government signed a decree to request member of the French Parliament and former space minister Genevieve Fioraso to identify decisions to be made to reinforce the strength and competitiveness of the French space sector in the coming years. Ms Fioraso will evaluate several solutions to “diversify space applications and services, both civil and military, which currently are not up to our scientific and technological expertise, leveraging digital tools as a business accelerator”. She will also have to assess the development of the Ariane 6’s design in accordance with a target launch by 2020.

Mrs Fioraso will have to present early results in mid-April and a full report by July 19, in time to be integrated into French government thinking in advance of a December conference of European space ministers to determine a multi-year space strategy.

In a press release, Geneviève Fioraso declared “to be honored for being chosen by the Prime Minister for such a strategic mission”. Ms Fioraso, a former manager for energy companies, has been a member of the French Parliament since 2007 where she focuses on space, science and technology and defense. She supervised the French space policy within the French government from 2012 to 2015.