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Innovation offers great potential. In cooperation with European institutions, France implements a vast plan in favor of research and innovation. A true national and European strategy to promote innovation should encourage all concerned parties to proceed on the road to success. France pursues its effort with the aim of economic growth, creation of jobs, and social progress.

Creation Value Through Innovation

Innovation that derives from research and development is essential to our future. It consists in creating value on the basis of our knowledge, value in the economic sense of the word, but also in the ethical sense. If innovation is to be developed, companies and academic research must be encouraged to work together. The ambition of the government is to create in France one of the European environments most favorable to investors and young entrepreneurs, and to distribute research on a competitive basis between small and large companies. This is the purpose of the Plan for support to research and innovation, prepared jointly by the ministers for industry and research.

Tax Incentive Measures

In the framework of this plan, tax incentive measures encourage companies to use innovation more readily. A legal and fiscal tool for "business angels" enables them to support innovative companies more effectively. The "young innovative companies " benefit from reductions on taxes and social security charges if they are recent enough (less than 8 years old) and if they have been regularly active in R&D. Companies also benefit from new tax reductions on their investments in R&D (professional tax, accelerated depreciation on diminishing values). All companies that invest in R&D also benefit from the powerful renovation of the research tax credit.