Geneviève Fioraso on the Future of the French Space Sector

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Geneviève Fioraso, representative of the first district of Isère, submitted a report on Tuesday July 26, 2016 to the Prime Minister Manuel Valls on the future of the French Space Sector.

"The democratization of the access to the space is irreversible and our SMEs have to play an important role. To do it, an increase of the public investment is essential to strengthen the sector", declares Geneviève Fioraso, former Minister for Higher Education and Research, in her report entitled: Open space, the opening as answer to the challenges of the space sector. These additional ways may come "from the PIA program (Programme d’Investissements d’Avenir – Investments for the Future Program) or budgets of ministries concerned", she specifies. Geneviève Fioraso recommends besides "to assist the transition of the French Space Agency (CNES) ", "to place space at the top of the list among Ministerial committee of investment’s ambitions "and "to mobilize SATT (companies accelerating the development and transfer of technologies) on Innovation”.

Some recommendations of Geneviève Fioraso’s report:

  • To develop the applications and uses of space;
  • To facilitate the access to data;
  • To assist the transition of CNES toward Innovation;
  • To assert the strategic autonomy of France;
  • To increase and adapt the funding;
  • To create a capital fund for innovation in space;
  • To make SATT move towards the space sector;
  • To label an French Tech accelerator for the space start-ups;
  • To adopt the promotion of space among the ambitions of the world competition of innovation;
  • To intensify the efforts introduced by PIA to bring on the foreground a French reference solution;
  • To confirm Toulouse as capital of the space sector;
  • To dedicate 1 to 2 % of every program in communications actions

Find the full list of recommendations in the report (in French).