How can 9 billion people be fed sustainably in 2050?

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Partners from 50 countries joined a meeting held at the initiative of INRA and CIRAD, to shed light on the concerns and priorities of global agricultural research. Three leading approaches emerged:
- identifying common research questions using foresight studies,
- offering stakeholders venues for exchanging information, and common tools to facilitate information dissemination, intellectual property management, and innovation,
- promoting training and knowledge transfer, supporting agricultural research in the South, and sustaining the continuum of exchanges in know-how between the North and South.

During the meeting, initial results from the Agrimonde foresight study showed that it was possible to meet the challenge of feeding 9 billion people sustainably in 2050, under certain conditions. The meeting made it possible to stress the need for financial and intellectual investment in agriculture. Conclusions from the discussion were then transferred to the FAO in Rome to contribute to the work in progress.

To learn more please consult the INRA press release.