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Created by decree of 5 June 1984, modified on 18 February 1998, Ifremer is a public institute of industrial and commercial nature. From January 2002, it will be placed under the joint supervision of four ministries: Research, Agriculture and Fisheries; Transport and Housing; Environment.


Ifremer develops research, expertise and technologies in:

  • the identification, evaluation, forecasting and sustainable exploitation of marine resources,
  • the development of more efficient methods for the monitoring, behavioral forecasting, protection and enhancement of the marine and coastal environments
  • the encouragement of the economic development of maritime activity.

Key Figures

  • An annual budget of nearly 150 million euros (2001)
  • Personnel: Ifremer 1.385; Genavir (ship owner) 320
  • 5 centres (Boulogne-sur-mer, Brest, Nantes, Toulon, Tahiti)
  • 72 laboratories or research departments, located in 24 stations along the entire coastline of metropolitan France and in French overseas departments and territories
  • A set of aquaculture rearing and experimental facilities
  • 7 vessels (4 of them deep-sea vessels), 2 manned submersibles, 1 remotely-operated vehicle for deep sea explorations, a full set of test facilities

Fields of Activity

  • coastal environment management
  • marine living resource management
  • ocean research
  • engineering and marine technology
  • managing ocean research vessels and tools for underwater intervention


  • Study of climates, stream systems and ocean ecosystems to forecast and evaluate their natural evolution and the damages they undergo
  • Knowledge of ocean floors related to sustainable exploitation of resources (offhore oil)
  • Managing marine environment monitoring networks
  • Developing marine biotechnologies
  • Forecasting fisheries stocks and improving selectivity of fishing gear