Inaugural French-American Science Festival - Chicago October 14th

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Scientific outreach is crucial to engage the youth around the excitement of science as well as for developing the critical thinking. Outreach approaches are complementary in both the United States and France, and the goal of this event is to foster a "cross-fertilization" of shared experiences between the two countries. Additionally, it aims at establishing and developing a framework for partnership of joint actions.

This one day event will be held on the Northwestern University downtown campus during the French Science Festival on Friday October 14th, 2011.

Small booths both for demonstration and hands-on experiments will be held to stimulate curiosity of students of all ages around various scientific topics with a specific focus on chemistry, as 2011 is the International Year of Chemistry. A web-conference with a science village in France will allow young students in America to exchange with students in France and hands on activities. A symposium will also be held for educators and professionals interested in learning more about scientific outreach. The topics will include how to implement various strategies to engage the youth in the excitement of science and to stimulate curiosity. Additional topics include how to help the general public develop critical thinking to better enable them to form their own opinions based on knowledge and facts. Finally, establishing outreach programs between France and the United States will be discussed.

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