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The term “Incubator” refers to a facility in charge of assisting and supporting people to create or develop a start-up company. This involves the following:

•developing entrepreneurial spirit and detecting projects
•evaluating ideas for new enterprise or activity
•studying the feasibility of projects
•providing housing and logistic support for project initiators
•accompanying project in the fields of organization, industry, finance, law, technology and management
•building teams and training the project initiators
•helping find industrial and financial back-up (funds rising)

France Incubation (public incubators)

The public incubators refer primarily today to the incubators of innovating companies related to public research, supported by the Ministry of Research, following the call for projects of March 1999, and the law on innovation of July 1999. But it is necessary to add to these the internal incubators of schools or institutes (such asESSEC,EPITA, Polytechnicum, etc),those of the research’s organizations (such as the INRIA-Transfert or Pasteur Institute’s Biotop), and the incubators related to the regional economic development (like Paris Innovation supported by the city of Paris)

Corporate incubators

"Corporate" incubators are incubators developed by large industrial groups or the service providers.

The objective of these industrial groups is to support the emergence of start-ups which will make it possible to adapt the activities of the group to specificities of the new economy, to use new technologies, discovered scientific or different, to support the "natural" development their activities or to diversify in related activities.
For example, Danone (Chrysalead), France Telecom (Invent Mobile), EDF (Accelerator Business), have creates their own incubator of companies.
As for the service providers, they bring their own services to the start-up which they incubate, and competences get outside they do not have. They are FI System for the data-processing people receiving benefits, Bain (BainLab), Price Waterhouse (PriceLab) for the cabinets of council, or the General Company (SG E-projects) for the banks.

Private incubators

Their logic is more financial, are today closer to the funds of starting than of the incubators such as higher definite, often proposing an accompaniment of the young financed companies. In Europe, it is:

  • Talento or Up&Up (subsidiary company of the Caisse des Dépôts and KPMG) in France
  • Republic Alley,Tocamak, Kangaroo Village and others: much of them
    was reconverted into the councils with the companies (out of RH,
    financings, etc.)

Agoranov : Parisian incubator
Bio incubateur d’Eurasanté : Lille
Busi : Auvergne (Biopole)
Crealys : Rhône-Alpes Ouest
Emergence : Le Mans
Emergys : Rennes
Grain : Grenoble-Alpes Incubator
IDFI : incubator Ile-de-France Innovation (Ouest)
Ile-de-France Sud Incubation : IFSI
Incubateur Alsace
Incubateur Aquitaine : IRA
Incubateur Bourgogne
Incubateur Champagne-Ardenne : ICAR
Incubateur Corse : Futura Technopole
Incubateur Haute-Normandie
Incubateur lorrain : Nancy
Incubateur Midi-Pyrénées
Incubateur multimédia : Paca
Incubateur Paca Est : Nice, Sophia Antipolis and Toulon
Incubateur Paca Ouest Impulse : Academy of Aix-Marseille
Incubateur Picardie
Incubateur Poitou-Charentes
Languedoc-Roussillon Incubation : LRI
Marseille Innovation
Miti : incubator of Nord-Pas-de-Calais
Normandie Incubation : Basse-Normandie
Paris Biotech : University Paris V
Paris Innovation
Science Pratique : Incubator of Ile-de-France

Bio Top : Incubator of Pasteur’s Institute (Paris)
Inria-Transfert : I.T
Inserm Transfert : health, biomedical
X Technologies : from Polytechnique School