Investment Funds

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Fund of Funds

CDC Entreprises: this subsidiary of the CDC takes participations in venture capital companies.

FCIR: regional investment funds
These funds are managed by the CDC and were created in 2002, to invest in a limited number of risky mutual funds .

FCJE: co-investment funds for young companies.
Launched in 2002 by the State, the CDC and the BEI, this fund intervenes in sides and at the request of the capital of venture capital, to support the baiting.

FPCR: Funds for promoting venture capital
This fund is endowed by the State, the European Fund of investment ( FEI) and the CDC. The objective is to constitute a diversified wallet containing a limited number of participations in venture capital companies.

Mutual fund for innovation

To support innovative Sme-Smi, the finance law of 1997 created a specific product, the mutual fund for innovation ( French and European innovative Sme), giving fiscal advantage to investors. The qualification is awarded by Anvar.

Seed Funds

Seed capital funds are funds focusing on early stage technology investing .

  • Angel Invest : internet, médias
  • Bioam : biotechnologie, environnement, agro-alimentaire
  • C-Source : multimédia
  • Emertec : micro-électronique, robotique, énergie et matériaux avancés
  • I-Source : technologies de l’information et de la communication
  • Innovacom : composants, hardware, logiciels et services télécoms (fonds créé par France Telecom)
  • Seeft Ventures : logiciel, multimédia…
  • T-Source : télécommunications
  • Techfund Capital Europe
  • Up&Up : internet, logiciels, environnement
  • Ventech : technologies de l’information et sciences de la vie
  • Viven’up : (eau, énergie, propreté, transport)

Stock Exchange

CMF : French Financial Markets Council

Cob : Stock Exchange Securities Commission (regulations, statistics)
Easdaq : European Nasdaq

Euronext : Euronext was formed in 2000 in response to the globalisation of capital markets and to create a pan-European exchange (Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels…)

Euronext Paris : Stock market which belongs to the EuronextNV group, since March 20th 2000