Kinéis – A French NewSpace Player in the Internet of Thing Domain

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CLS (Collecte Localisation Satellite) has created a subsidiary, Kinéis, a new player in the French NewSpace which aims to provide global localization and data collection services in sectors such as logistics, agriculture or outdoor activities through the Internet of Thing (IoT).

In this perspective, the company intends to operate a constellation of twenty nanosatellites which, placed in orbit by 2021, will be developed with three partners:

  • Thales Alenia Space, for the project management of the whole system;
  • Nexeya, for the nanosatellite platforms manufacturing;
  • Syrlinks, for its support in the design and construction of the payload.

Kinéis is building on the experience in localization and data collection, gained for 40 years by CLS, as well as CNES expertise.

Kinéis website